2 januari 2003

China, Guilin

From Beijing to Bangkok

Dec 30 - Jan 2:

It is worth mentioning that everytime we stepped out of a bus/train station, there was an army of ajumma's (Korean word for middle-aged women) chasing us, trying to persuade us to stay in their hostels. When you go with one of them, sometimes they can offer you a good deal as long as you bargain hard enough (we were there during the low-season, so it was easier for us). Seeing palm trees in China was quite a surprise. But there they were, in the middle of Guilin (Guangxi province). Guilin is a laid-back town with even a Meditarranean atmosphere - and spirit... In Guilin we went to the Solitary Beauty Park and on New Year's Eve we went to a Chinese disco.

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