28 december 2002

China, Beijing

From Beijing to Bangkok

Dec 25 - Dec 28:
Tianenmen square, the Forbidden City and The Great Wall, Beijing

On December 25, after a boat ferry of twenty-four hours (the distance between Incheon and Tanggu is about one thousand kilometers) on Christmas Eve and a bus trip of five hours, we finally arrive in Beijing. We were happy to have a white Christmas in Beijing, but - unfortunately for us - the snow would follow us throughout China...
We stayed three nights in a hostel in south Beijing and saw Tianenmen square, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall at Badaling. Since in China most menus are in Chinese, it is always a surprise what you will get. And try the Beijing duck: it is great. It was remarkable to see in economically fast developing China many Volkswagens - translated in English "people's car". (And more than 50% of the foreign cars were Volkswagen.) I think it is a great compromise in the nowadays People's Republic of China: still a Communist Party, but Western cars and in particular Volkswagen are accepted. (Even though I regard Volkswagen less "capitalist" than other German brands). I have more photos of The Great Wall (at Badaling) and the Shaolin Temple, but I made them with my old camera, developed them and sent the photos home... So Mike and Otto, thank you for letting me publish some of your photos on my website!

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